Luanda-Bengo SEZ aims to always work on the continuous development of its products and services, generating and personalizing solutions and innovations, always aiming to exceed the expectations of its users, in addition to providing credibility to its services.

Luanda-Bengo SEZ presents a detailed description of each of the Products / Services to be offered in the short, medium and long term, avoiding conflicts among scope of the SEZ’s future growth by restricting its areas of activity.

Business Support Special Post

In order to ensure that the process of constitution of the companies is carried out, as well as regulating its operation, it is planned to install the following special posts in the Luanda-Bengo EEZ:

  • One-Stop Shop and its Delegations
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Ministry of Geology and Mining and Industry
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Ministry of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security
  • Migration and Foreigners Service
  • National Police
  • National Civil Protection and Fire Service

Enterprise Support Centers

The ZEE E.P. </ Strong> has created in the Industrial Reserve of Viana 2 Business Support Centers. These are spaces with buildings for collective use and the implementation of Public Equipment and Services, namely:

  • Banking Services;
  • Collection and Transfer Center;
  • Accommodation (Rooms and Residences);
  • Catering and Catering;
  • Gymnasium;
  • Sports Courts;
  • Laundry;
  • Auto Workshops;
  • Transport and Elevation of Load;
  • Public Transport;
  • Meeting and training rooms;
  • Office spaces;
  • Fuel pumps with convenience stores;

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