Welcome to the Luanda-Bengo SEZ
Address: Viana, Luanda
E-mail: info@zee.co.ao
Telephone: (+244) 927-631-531


As water and electricity are the main resources for industrial production, ZEE has adopted a privileged distribution plan for the Zone's users, based on a distribution system according to the needs of each investor.


In partnership with the national electricity distribution company ENDE. The electricity distribution network of around 27.6 kilometres was created, which supplies electricity 24 hours a day to more than 100 industries and internal services, with a capacity of 96 Mva.


In addition to the electricity supplied by ENDE, EPAL, the public water company, guarantees the supply of water distribution in the EEZ, through the 20.8 kilometre local supply network, a 2×1900 cubic metre drinking water reserve centre.


The Industrial Area is organised into quadrants, whose lots are connected by a road that links the entire perimeter of the Viana Industrial Reserve. In all, there are about 92.5 kilometres of roads and pavements, which ensure the efficient mobility of vehicles, facilitating the transport of goods and merchandise.


Fiber optic telecommunications infrastructures with the highest technology were also created. The fibre optic network offers users higher quality internet access and communications.


There is a sewage network of more than 21 kilometres, a stormwater network of 57 km in length and a wastewater treatment plant.