1. The Luanda-Bengo SEZ infrastructures shall consist of:a) Access and common streets that include roads and walks.b) Main water networks.

    With origin in ETA Luanda Southeast the pipeline supplies water storage tanks and then branches along the Industrial and Commercial Poles.
    Distribution network of 11,000 m3, reserve center of 7,200 m3 and an elevated reservoir of 200 m3.

    Pumping Station, with two (2) Emphasis Pumps with capacity of 30 to 82 liters per second (l / s), with an extension of 8.750 meters (m) and pipes with diameters of 300 mm (mm).

    And a high reservoir with a capacity of 200 m3, with an extension of 9,400 meters (m).

    (c) Electricity and telecommunications networks

    The Luanda-Bengo SEZ has two Substations of Electric Energy with a capacity of 60/30 kilovolts (Kv), with the configuration “Simple Bar” from which a distribution network of 30 kilovolts (Kv) with a length of 12 kilometers (Km) and a transport line of 60 kilovolts (Kv) with an extension of 6.5 kilometers (km).

    The Telecommunications Network is implemented throughout the infrastructure area, in optical fiber, by the telecommunications operator MSTelcom, contemplated with a data center infrastructure, which allows the hosting of high quality IT services.

    d) Main networks for the drainage of waste water and rainwater.
    e) Sewage treatment plant.
    f) Equipment of collective interest, such as: outdoor lighting and signaling.
    g) Common green spaces.
    h) Railway networks.
    i) Parking lots.
    j) Porto Seco facilities.
    k) Logistics and distribution warehousing centers.

Administrative Structures