ZEE - Luanda-Bengo > Costs and Payment Methods
    1. For the use of spaces or rental of pavilions and offices, a price, calculated according to the respective area and sector of activity, is established according to a price list approved and updated annually by the Board of Directors of the Luanda- Bengo EP.
    2. For the use of the Infrastructures and the services provided by the Management Entity, the Users are obliged to monthly reimbursement, under a condominium regime, according to an updated price list, annually, defined based on the costs incurred and planned for the year following:
    3. a) Maintenance of common infrastructures and equipment;
    4. b) Urban cleaning, maintenance of public gardens, surveillance, security and public lighting.
    5. c) Water and electricity supply:
      The cost will be in the proportion of the consumption, being demanded for the effect the existence of accountant, to be paid to the Suppliers; and.

    d). Collection of solid waste – the cost will be in proportion and taking into account the specific characteristics, to be paid to the collection Operator. The services provided by third parties will be paid directly to the provider and are the sole responsibility of the entities that provide them.