Required Documentation


  • Name and contact of the person responsible for the implementation of the Project;
  • Legal Documents of Company Identification (Deed of Incorporation of the Company, Taxpayer ID, Commercial Certificate, Certificate of Statistical Registration and Publication in the Republic Diary)
  • Proof of non-Debtor with the State and the Financial System; and,
  • Proof of Organized Accounting.


  • General Deployment Layout specifying the areas covered and not covered;
  • Water consumption forecast;
  • Forecast of electricity consumption;
  • Schedule of Execution of Civil Construction Works, installation of equipment and start of activities;
  • List of equipment (Origin and generation of technology);
  • List of the raw material and subsidiary materials (origin); and,
  • Environmental Impact Feasibility Study and Executive Construction Project (a posterior).
  • Economic and financial feasibility study (General Objectives of the Project, Human Resources Map, Market Study, Total Investment, Production and Revenue Map for 5 years, Map of Origin and Application of Funds, Income Statement and Balance Sheet for 5 years, EBTIDA, VAL, IRR, ROI and Sensitivity Analysis).


OBS 1: The Proposal must be presented in three (3) copies for analysis and decision on the admissibility of access of the Promoter.

OBS 2: For the approval of the Proposal the Promoter Entity pays an amount of 1% of the value of said Proposal.