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Streit Group moves forward with negotiations to set up assembly line for heavy and armoured vehicles in Angola

  • Published by: ZEE

The President of the world leader company in production of armoured vehicles, the businessman Guerman Goutorov and his delegation negotiated this week (16th November), issues related to the installation of an assembly unit of heavy automobiles and armoured vehicles in Angola, in the Special Economic Zone Luanda-Bengo, in audience granted by the President of the ZEE EP Board of Directors, Eng. António Henriques da Silva, in which participated members of the Board of Directors of ZEE EP and AIPEX, and responsible for the Streit Group.

The good conditions for investment and installation of industrial production found in the country and especially in the Luanda-Bengo EEZ, are among the reasons that attracted investors from the Streit Group for the decisive phase of negotiations to set up the company in Angola.

Guerman Goutorov said some issues for the implementation of his project had been clarified, and said that by the end of 2020 the processes related to legal issues, customs taxes, commercial issues and feasibility studies would be concluded so that the implementation phase of the industry in the Angolan country could begin. "We had some questions regarding the investment process to clarify and we have also done that, we think we will have our decision by the end of the year for a date for the installation of the factory here in Angola," said the businessman.

The Chairman of ZEE EP gave assurances that everything is ready in the Special Economic Zone Luanda-Bengo for the installation of the factory, and that the process is running at a satisfactory pace in view of the expressed reaction of the business group's expression of interest, after the first visit in such a short space of time at the end of last September 2020. "If we consider that a short period of time passed from the first visit to the second, there is here a clear demonstration of mutual interest, which we hope will materialise in terms of prioritisation of projects," said António Henriques da Silva.

The company is preparing to inject over US$30 million into Angolan industry, ensuring the creation of new jobs and new complementary industries, and is a key to an extreme reduction in the import of special vehicles produced by the Streit Group, as its chairman, Guerman Goutorov said. He also noted that, "the conditions offered are good, but the most important thing is that the products that will be produced are of interest to the country's economy, and there is always room for negotiation.

In the first phase the project will generate between 200 and 400 jobs, which may increase to 1,000 jobs, in the industrial zone of the Luanda-Bengo EEZ, for production of military tactical vehicles, luxury and special purpose armoured vehicles, vehicles for transporting valuables and passengers in protocol and private services, as well as vehicles for use in areas of difficult access, such as agricultural regions, deserts and sandy soils.