The Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) (Luanda-Bengo SEZ), created in 2009, has as its mission to attract domestic and foreign investment, both local and foreign, to encourage the development and diversification of the economy of our country, by means of increased production, growth of exports and reducing imports.

In SEZ you will find:

  • Conditions to grow
  • Conducive environment
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Satisfied Investors
  • Buusiness Opportunities
  • Skilled workforce

Why invest in SEZ?


The human capital assigned to the SEZ is focused on the objective, with permanent training, to guarantee the quality of the service provided, with speed, simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness.


The nature of the services provided by the SEZ places it in a dynamic with which all its professionals are committed, which translates into the procedural efficiency and coherence inherent in all services.

Our team strives every day to achieve the best results, with reduced costs and in less time.


Projects brought to the SEZ have their success  guaranteed, since there are modern Infrastructures, adapted to the  implementation needs of businesses in the most diverse sectors. Companies can be assured of the most suitable spaces.

We also have a diversity of sustainable services and products for your business, aiming to positively impact in the market share, productivity and profitability of your company.

  • We offer unique services

  • The SEZ is keen to develop its products and services on a daily bais!
  • It is our focus to customize solutions and innovations so that every potential investor can have their expactations met!

Our Investors


Know who already does business and collaborates with us.

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was created with the aim of achieving the expansion and modernization of the Angolan economy! We thus want to guarantee the production of basic consumer goods locally for the population, create jobs and fight poverty, on a reciprocal basis, where the raw- materials of some are supplied by the others, ensuring their continuous operation! The SEZ is an initiative of the Government of Angola to stimulate the diversification and growth of the national economy.


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